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:: Hire Me!

Ok, yes, I do have a job. I'm presently the Assistant Dean for Instructional Support and Assessment at the School of Communication and Information at Rutgers University and was previously the Staff Training and Development Coordinator at the Princeton University Library. Here's my CV (.pdf) for further perusal.

Additionally, I also provide lectures, hands-on computer classes and consulting on various topics. For more information or to complete a form to contact me, please see my Keyboard Commandos site.

Some short kudos from my teaching at SCILS is available if you're interested.

:: General Interests

Ah, what is there to say about me? I'm recently single again, moved to a nice apartment in Piscataway, and started an Ed.D. program at Rutgers and apparently I like to work a LOT (see above)...yep, I'm in sore need of about a week long nap.

In any other spare time I can muster I also have an alter-ego - librarysteve.

Oh, and before I forget...yes, the sshh'ing Librarian page, which has earned me so much fame/infamy in the library world is still available.

:: The Pets

Present -

Moose, big black poof, is still with me...we're best buddies now provided I provide her with her food and playtime upon request.

If you're wondering why everyone has a page and they all look a little different...they're often the models for my Web Design and Multimedia classes.

Former -

Denni, white tiger kitty, went with my ex. Sad to see her go we always enjoyed each other's company when I was trying to work at home.

Teddy passed away right before Sandy hit. He was a big pile of love as most Golden Retreivers are...

Cody, the dog, passed away a few years back, I miss him a lot. He wasn't always a good boy, but he was my buddy. Visit his site for some memories of the big oaf.