Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Microsoft: How do I love thee?

I'm conflicted...do I hate Microsoft for making my life a mess every few years by making me recreate my training materials or do I love them as they keep making me money and keeping me around as a necessary part of society?

Vista, Office 2007, Internet Explorer 7.0...thank you Redmond...throw my whole life into update mode why don't you? As an general IT guy, applications trainer and web and multimedia designer, Microsoft has screwed up my world BIG TIME...couldn't have spaced it out a bit, huh?

Oh well, you know this actually makes my job kind of fun (or at least never dull) and I will say given the "weirdness" of Microsoft applications training opportunities will always be around...time for a new round of business cards.

"What are you talking about?" is what you might be thinking...IE7 doesn't look that much different, Vista is still the same idea, and even though Office 2007 looks quite different it all acts the same...

Well here the "gig".

IE7 fixed a bunch of bugs which means that web design training is going to be different...also means some $$ making opportunity fixing those pages that needed to be hacked to work, which now have problems because of the hacks...

Vista looks different...in training if one person has something red on the screen and another has something blue..all hell breaks loose...the differences between vista and xp (or god forbid, something earlier) more significant than red/blue

Lastly, Office 2007...well I used to have great screen shots and screencast training materials...I teach online...25 students: 2 have Office 2007, 15 have O'2003, 10 have 2000. Next semester more 2007 users...time to warm up my Camtasia. Yep, FUN.

So, my personal jury is still out, but just typing this to give you another idea of how software upgrades affect the world (well at least mine)

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