Monday, February 19, 2007

Utilize? how about Customize, Maximize, Personalize

I've been to several Web2.0/Library2.0 workshops lately where I've heard the following phrase: "You don't even have to learn html"

Well, ok, I understand the idea that learning html can be a barrier to posting things to the web and blogs, wikis, etc. allow you to post content without that learning curve.

But here's the rub...isn't web2.0/library2.0 also a bit about customization and personalization? If so, there are only so many templates that you can choose from. But here's the thing, most of these templates are changeable IF you know some html(xhtml) and css, yes, yes I know some are WYSIWYG, but a bunch aren' take a class and have what you want, rather than being stuck with what you get.


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