Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bill of Right? How about Bill of Responsibilities?

Ok, I agree, companies should be responsible for actions they take (or don't take) that inconvenience their customers...BUT...I'm a little tired of hearing of everyone's rights when it seems that no one acknowledges their responsibilities. Maybe I'm a little jaded from working with the public for too long, but if a company doesn't say that it's mission is to serve *only* you then how about realizing that it's NOT all about you. Also, let's not forget that there are other people in the world...if you can't hear on your cell phone, go somewhere else...don't talk louder; if you've decided not to parent your children, don't bring them out of the house; if you want your music louder get some headphones...

Think about someone else...that's all I'm asking, companies are doing it with their "Customer's Bill of Rights", but how about we all acknowledge that with rights come responsibilities and that maybe we should acknowledge that others have rights as well...


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