Thursday, September 6, 2007

Bad things can be Good

So I got totally taken by the stupid Quechup service -

After the stupid service sent out email to all those in my address book w/out permission, I sent email out to all those in my address book apologizing that that happened...

At first I felt like an idiot, I'm a damned computer instructor...don't I know to read the fine print? Duh, of course I do...but do I read it? Nah, who's got time.

Two really good things came out of this though:
1. I'm about to go into the class I teach on malware, etc. It actually feels good having a little "practical" experience after successfully avoiding this stuff for awhile

2. In response to the apology I sent, lots of folks that I haven't written to in awhile have written back. I spend too much damn time with my machine and not with the people that this machine helps me to connect to...funny how a bad thing turned out to be really good.


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